The Council of Governments of Calhoun, Hamilton,
Humboldt, Pocahontas, Webster and Wright Counties of Iowa



Section I  The name of the Council of Governments shall be the Mid-Iowa Development Association Council of Governments and hereinafter shall be referred to as MIDAS.


Section I MIDAS shall have the power and duty to make comprehensive studies and plans for the development of the area it serves, to eliminate planning duplications, to promote governmental economy and efficiency, and to otherwise guide the unified development of the area.


Section I The officers of MIDAS shall be:
  • A Chairman, whose duties shall be to preside at all meetings;
  • A Vice-Chairman, who shall perform the duties of the Chairman in his absence or disability to act;
  • A Secretary, appointed by MIDAS, who shall keep a full record of the proceedings of MIDAS and its committees, and who shall perform such other duties as MIDAS may direct;
  • A Treasurer, appointed by MIDAS, who shall receive and disburse funds of the Executive Board, keeps a proper record of all transactions, prepare a financial report once a year on a date set by teh Executive Board, and shall submit other financial reports upon the request of the Executive Board.


Section I MIDAS shall hold meetings as specified in the Articles of Agreement, one of which shall be held in the month of July.  Special meetings may be called in accordance with the provisions in the Articles of Agreement.

Section II At least two days prior to each regular or special meeting the Secretary shall mail, e-mail, or deliver written notice of said meeting to each MIDAS member representative.  Notice of Special meetings shall state the purpose of which such meetings is called.

Section III MIDAS meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, and shall be open to the public.


Section I At any meeting of the MIDAS Executive Board, a quorum shall consist of a majority of the Board members, or a minimum of one representative from each County.

Section II Adoption of plans, policies or amendments, supplements or abolitions thereof shall be subjected to a public hearing, and shall be made effective upon passage by minimum of a majority of those voting members present unless otherwise specified by law.


Section I MIDAS may appoint executive and other committees within rules contained in the Articles of Agreement.


Section I In accordance with the Articles of Agreement, MIDAS may authorize the Executive Board to employ personnel as may be necessary and fix their compensation.

Section II The Executive Director shall be responsible for developing policies relating to personnel duties, salaries, classification and reclassification, performance measurements, annual leave, sick leave and other aspects of staff employment.

Section III The Executive Board shall establish salaries, adopt personnel policies, and hire staff.


Section I Each MIDAS member government and/or organization is entitled to the following services:

(1) Representation and participation by representatives of its own choosing at all MIDAS meetings whether the material to be studied or action to be taken affects the entire Area Planning jurisdiction or is a matter of local interest only.

(2) Representation at the request of the membership on special committees appointed to study special problems wherein the area involved includes all or part of the territory of such member.

(3) Attendance by a professional MIDAS staff member at meeting of county, city, and/or local planning, zoning or governing bodies to render advice and assistance on specific local planning matters.

(4) Representation by MIDAS in submittal and negotiation of state and federal program grant applications.

(5) Assistance in the preparation or implementation of local/regional plans consistent with the program of MIDAS.

Section II MIDAS may authorize preparation of plans and reports for individual members, provided such members will reimburse MIDAS for costs incurred accordingly.

Section III To request MIDAS staff services for special studies and projects, a member shall provide MIDAS with a resolution by the legislative body requesting such services and appropriating the necessary funds to cover the cost of the work.  MIDAS may then, by resolution, authorize its staff to perform the work.


Section I MIDAS may establish schedules for selling maps and publications developed and produced by MIDAS staff or consultant.  MIDAS may engage consultant services, as a part from staff services, when specialized activities extend beyond the professional scope of the MIDAS staff, when the level of work exceeds existing staff capabilities, or when otherwise deemed necessary by MIDAS.

Section II MIDAS may establish reasonable schedules for fees for review of federal project applications by non-member governments located within the Area Planning Jurisdiction as defined by the counties of Calhoun, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Webster, and Wright and all communities therein.  Where a portion of a political subdivision lies outside of an APJ, review fees shall be pro-rated on the basis of the percent of the total population residing within the APJ.


Section I A majority vote of MIDAS Executive Board members present shall be required to amend these By-Laws.

Section II The proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to MIDAS at a regular meeting.  The Secretary shall mail, e-mail, or deliver a copy of the proposed amendment to each member at least ten days prior to such meeting.  The proposed amendment may be acted upon at the second regular meeting following the date of its submission.


Section I This Board shall be responsible for the administration of MIDAS activities and, in addition, shall serve as a Budget and Personnel Committee.  The Executive Board shall establish salaries, adopt qualifications for personnel, and hire employees.  the Executive Board shall prepare a guide for personnel relating to duties, salaries, classifications and reclassifications, annual leave, sick leave, and such other related items necessary for a MIDAS staff.  The Executive Board shall also prepare the annual budgetary requests.

In addition, the Executive Board shall have the power to approve bills and authorize payments for goods and services and to carry out other housekeeping functions on behalf of MIDAS.


Section I The MIDAS Council of Governments may appoint a legal counsel of MIDAS who may be a paid employee of one of the members of MIDAS, and shall by contractual agreement designate the duties of the legal counsel and set compensation for the performance of such duties.


Section I In April of each year the MIDAS Chairperson will appoint a nominating committee for the purpose of choosing candidates for the MIDAS offices.  The nominating committee will make its report at the July MIDAS meeting Nominations will be accepted from the floor after the nomination committee report.