The MIDAS Executive Board is made up of eighteen members, three from each of the six member counties (Calhoun, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Webster, and Wright).  Members are appointed for indefinite terms by their respective County Board of Supervisors to represent the interests of the County, the cities within that county, and economic development within that county. These members meet every month on the third Wednesday to establish MIDAS policy, review MIDAS financial and work progress reports, approve MIDAS contracts and grant applications, and provide direction to the MIDAS staff. In order to perform their work as efficiently as possible, the members of the Executive committee are further assigned to one of three subcommittees.

The Finance and Management subcommittee is responsible for reviewing the budget, reviewing payments, establishing personnel policies to include pay increases, and establishing overall MIDAS policy not specific to the planning or transit functions. The work of this committee, as is the case of all MIDAS committees, is only advisory to the full Executive Committee, which is responsible for all official board activities.

The Planning Committee reviews the various planning programs, reviews program applications, and recommends planning section policy.

The Transit Committee reviews the various transit system budgets, recommends transit policies, and provides guidance on any transit related issue.

Subcommittees meet just prior to the Executive Board meeting with the MIDAS staff point of contact. The subcommittee report is provided to the entire Executive Board usually by the MIDAS staff.

Following is a list of the FY 08 MIDAS Executive Board, with subcommittee assignments indicated.  Members of the Board who are listed as alternates have full voting rights when serving in that capacity.