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Region V Governments Submit Applications for CDBG Community Facilities Grant Funds

The following applications were submitted to IDED by Region V governments for CDBG Community Facilities grant funding:

  • Dayton - $246,000 to install storm sewers;
  • Fort Dodge - $800,000 to renovate a Senior Center Campus
  • Lake City - $89,300 to renovate a building for vocation site handicapped clients
  • Rockwell City - $500,000 to construct a library and community center
  • Rowan - $218,000 to construct a library, senior center, and community center
  • Webster County - $200,000 to renovate the YWCA building for single room housing and support services
It is recognized that competition for the funds will be fierce, but all of the listed projects are of quality and deserve to be funded.

Great Grant Application News for Region V - IDED Invites Committees to Submit Full Applications

IDED received 101 preapplications for its very popular CDBG Water and Sewer Infrastructure Grant Program and through an elimination process has invited 58 (57%) communities /counties to submit formal applications. The fact that a formal application will be invited does not guarantee funding as IDED has included several more projects than can be funded with the money available. However, for those governments submitting formal applications the funding odds are very good and if denied they have an excellent start on next year's process. Within Region V the following projects have been selected:
Dayton - $$300,000 to construct a new water treatment facility;
Fonda - $159,900 to provide sanitary sewer service to an unsewered area;
Gowrie - $300,000 to construct sewer improvements;
Lohrville - $193,000 to install water system improvements;
Moorland - $197,000 to construct water system improvements;
Pocahontas - $500,000 to provide water system improvements;
Rockwell City - $500,000 to construct a new water well.
The only Region V applicant not invited to submit a full application was one prepared for the City of Williams by Simmering and Corey.

Region V Communities Receive FEMA Fire Grants

Congress provided FEMA with $360 million to fund small community grants to provide/enhance basic fire fighting delivery across the United States. Grants are allocated in the categories of EMS Service Enhancements, Fire Operations and Firefighter Safety, Fire Prevention Programs, and Fire Vehicles. Approximately 20,000 applications were submitted and FEMA will allocate the funds throughout the year as applications are reviewed. The latest funding list released by Senator Harkin includes the following Region V communities:
  • Blairsburg - $29,807
  • Fonda - $25,539
  • Rockwell City - $24,638

This announcement is good news to Region V communities as they have not traditionally participated in this program, now in its second year. The MIDAS Technical Assistance staff worked extensively to encourage applications and the fruits of that effort are now being shown. Please access the following web site for program information, including an easy to complete on-line application form:

MIDAS Has Business Development Loan Funds Available

MIDAS has approximately $50,000 within its EDA Revolving Loan Fund. The fund was established by the MIDAS Council of Governments and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration to encourage new or expanded development activities in the Northcentral Iowa Counties of: Calhoun, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Webster, and Wright. The creation and retention of quality jobs serves as the main objective of the program. Toward this goal, MIDAS does not intend to compete with local lending institutions or to act as a venture capitalist. Rather, by providing financial assistance to development opportunities, the Revolving Loan fund will bridge the financial gap that exists between the amount private lending institutions are willing to commit for project development and the total amount needed to bring opportunities to completion. The purpose of the RLF is to support business activities for which credit is not otherwise available on terms and conditions which would permit completion and/or the successful operation or accomplishment of the project. MIDAS reserves the right to recall the loan if these requirements are not met. To be considered for funding the application must be supported by a local development corporation or Iowa Government. Please contact Steve at for additional information. Other information and applications forms may be found at: .

Housing Fund Applications to be Accepted in December

On December 13th IDED will accept applications for the very popular Housing Fund. The MIDAS staff will be offering grant packaging assistance and you are urged to contact Shirley Helgevold at Because the application process requires significant up-front work now is the time to begin with council meetings, neighborhood support sessions, cost estimates, targeting of units, and a review of alternatives to provide the local match to the federal funds. This will be the last notice for the current cycle.

OSHA Safety Requirements for Governments

According to OSHA's General Duty Clause 29 CFR 1903.1 a government (employer) must provide a place of employment free of recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious harm to employees. A competent person must make daily inspections of work areas to determine if hazards exist. Governments should review their workplace safety policies to determine 1) if their program names a “Competent Person” assigned to this duty and 2) if the job is being completed and documented in a file system. The Competent Person must receive training sufficient for him/her to make the necessary analysis of the severity of risk found and to complete the necessary paperwork.

Governments are also required to have in-place a Safety Committee that meets regularly and a series of safety manuals consistent with safety needs and hazards to be encountered by employees. Finally, Governments are required, with very few exceptions, to train all employees in the workplace hazards they will encounter and steps to both mitigate those hazards and to react to accidents.

Governments in Region V have several options to address the above requirements, brought to state press scrutiny by deaths in a sewer trench accident in a west Des Moines suburb and an elevator explosion in Woolstock. The Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities offers a program for a fee, the Mid Iowa Safety Alliance/ICCC offers services for a fee, or the government can provide its own program. Yes, OSHA will be watching you and large fines can be assessed if your Government is not engaged in the process.

"Over a Cola"

Grants: There is always a danger for an agency like MIDAS to become known as only a grant writing and grant management agency, but this activity does consume a large portion of our staff hours. The basic purpose of MIDAS is regional cooperation to address regional issues, which we do through our EDA and IDOT planning programs. But, with that said, the staff is especially proud of the announcements on the cover page of this “Newsletter” and the impact they will have for our communities/counties. We had experienced a period of time during which the Region submitted a very limited number of applications to the popular infrastructure and community facilities programs of the CDBG process. The FEMA Firefighter Assistance program was virtually ignored in its initial year. Through public awareness notices and direct contacts by the MIDAS Technical Assistance staff a large number of applications were submitted this year, the vast majority being also written by that staff. As the notices indicate, a very large number are becoming successful. Kudos to both the communities/counties for taking the major step to devise projects and to Shirley and the MIDAS Planning staff for getting the word out. The reason for this philosophy is that I believe the most important things we can do to turn around the economics of Northcentral Iowa are: 1) Complete Highway 20 as a four-lane trafficway; and 2) work with local governments to improve their basic infrastructure and livable amenities of “quality of life.” Four-lane highways are the economic magnet that railroads were to the early 1900s and quality of life (amenities such as good utilities and recreation opportunities) is the most often cited attraction for new businesses.

Everyday Heroes of America: There has been a wide barrage of rhetoric from the American Press regarding the new Heroes of America. I would like to throw into this arena the following: City Clerks, City Administrators, City Managers, Mayors, Councilpersons, Board of Supervisors, County Auditors, and all other public officials of Region V. The average citizen does not realize the tremendous resource the above folks provide on their behalf. Local government has, and continues to be, a tremendous bargain for the taxpayer.

MIDAS Technical Assistance

Calhoun County:
Farnhamville - Discussed potential to apply for a housing grant with City Clerk.
Manson -Ongoing administrative assistance to administer a CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program.
Pomeroy - Ongoing assistance to administer a CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program. Provided assistance to develop policy for a housing loan through the MIDAS RLF.
Rockwell City - Ongoing assistance to administer a CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program.

Hamilton County:
County - Ongoing assistance to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan.
Stanhope - Ongoing assistance to administer a CDBG program for sanitary sewer improvements.
Stratford - Discussed potential use of MIDAS Housing RLF to construct an expansion to Athens Woods Complex.
Webster City - Ongoing assistance to administer a CDBG program for construction of a community day care center. Provided information to Iowa Mortgage regarding various single family home ownership programs available. Prepared U.S. 20 Corridor status information for City Manager.

Humboldt County:
County - Reviewed GIS information regarding manure management with Zoning Administrator.
Humboldt - Provided information to City Clerk regarding extending an existing tax abatement program. Provided audit information to City Clerk regarding close-out of an EDSA grant.
Rutland - Provided SRF information to City Clerk.

Pocahontas County:
County - Ongoing assistance with preparing a Hazard Mitigation Plan. Met with planning committee to prepare a Smart Growth Plan.
Havelock - Ongoing assistance to administer a CDBG program.
Laurens - Discussed personnel policies update with City Official.
Palmer - Ongoing assistance to administer a CBDG program to construct a sanitary sewage collection and treatment facility.
Pocahontas - Ongoing assistance with preparing a Hazard Mitigation Plan. Discussed with City Administrator extension of infrastructure to a job site. Completion of a Commercial TIF Plan.

Webster County:
County - Ongoing assistance with preparing a Hazard Mitigation Plan. Ongoing assistance to administer a CDBG program. Attended monthly city/county think tank meeting.
Dayton - Provided information to City Administrator on procedures to amend a zoning ordinance. Answered question of City Administrator on use of TIF. Provided City Council with information regarding funding sources for storm sewer improvements. Ongoing assistance to administer a CDBG program for sanitary sewer improvements.
Fort Dodge - Attended monthly city/county think tank meeting. Referred a prospective business start-up to the Small Business Development Center.
Harcourt - Provided a prospective homeowner with information on various assistance programs. Answered question of Mayor regarding utility billing procedures.

Wright County:
County -Ongoing assistance with preparing a Hazard Mitigation Plan.
Clarion - Ongoing assistance with preparing a Hazard Mitigation Plan.
Eagle Grove - Ongoing assistance to administer a CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program.
Rowan - Met with Library Development Board to discuss outside funding sources for construction of a new library/senior center.

Regional Benefit:
  • Participated in meetings of the National Rural Development Partnership.
  • Provided assistance to Mid Iowa Economic Development Corporation.
  • Attended monthly meeting of Prairie Rivers RC&D.
  • Attended Local Hazard Mitigation Planning Workshop in Des Moines.
  • Attended two U.S. 20 Corridor meetings. Prepared meeting information for the Association.
  • Assisted in organizing and hosting two meetings of the Mid Iowa Economic Development Corporation (MIEDC).
  • Hosted quarterly meeting of the Region V Rural Enterprise Team.
  • Hosted Region V Clerks and Administrators meeting.
  • Attended League of Cities Annual Meeting.
  • Attended HAZUS Training sponsored by Iowa Emergency Management Division.
  • Attended CDBG Housing Fund Workshop.

Homeland Security

Each city should have an Emergency Response Plan outlining the preparation, coordination and training that is vital to any emergency. The Iowa Emergency Management Association has developed a model Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan. This plan is available to cities and can be personalized for use by any community to assist officials and public safety personnel in planning their response to a wide range of emergency conditions. Please contact Shirley Helgevold at 515-576-7183-211 for additional information or your county Emergency Management Coordinator.

Executive Committee Minutes of October 16th, 2002

Subcommittees to the MIDAS Executive Committee

Budget and Administration Subcommittee

Membership: Stan Watne, Jim Howard, Floyd Magnusson, Bob Villier, David Young, Wilbur Ekstrand, Gerald Thomas, and Dennis Bowman

Meeting Place and Time: MIDAS Conference Room (602 1st Avenue South) at 5:30 P.M.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Transit Administration Subcommittee

Membership: Vicky Boyington, Darrell Rusher, Jack DeWolf, Larry Hood, Buck Boekelman, Sharon Perry, Ike Nelson, and Ryan Heiar

Meeting Place and Time: DART Conference Room (530 1st Avenue South) at 5:30 P.M.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Planning Subcommittee

Subcommittee Membership: Skip Martin, LeeAnn Waltzing, Harlan Hansen, Vince Triggs, Merle Chamberlain, Catherine Bergman/Jan Bullock, and Bob Hudson

Meeting Place and Time: Sandstone Inn (300 Central Avenue, Fort Dodge, Iowa) at 5:30 P.M.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Membership Meeting of the MIDAS Executive Committee

Meeting Place and Time: Sandstone Inn (300 Central Avenue, Fort Dodge, Iowa) at 6:30 P.M.


1. Approve Agenda

2. Minutes from September 18th Meeting

3. Subcommittee reports and items submitted for approval

4. Issues of the membership

5. HIPPA and Six County Supervisors Meeting

6. Next meeting date of November 20th, 2002

7. Adjournment

Executive Committee Minutes of September 18th, 2002

1. Chairperson Watne called the meeting to order at 6:35 P.M. A quorum was present.

Executive Committee Present Staff/Visitors:

V.H. "Buck" Boekelman - Webster County Cities Steve Hoesel

Floyd Magnusson - Webster County Shirley Helgevold

Dennis Bowman Wright Co. Alt. Cliff Weldon

Stan Watne - Wright County

Vince Triggs - Pocahontas County ED

Jack DeWolf - Pocahontas County

Wilbur Ekstrand - Pocahontas County Cities

David Young - Hamilton County

Catherine Bergman - Hamilton County ED

Jim Howard - Humboldt County ED

Harlan Hansen - Humboldt County

Gerald Thomas - Calhoun County ED

Larry Hood - Calhoun County

Absent or Excused Members/Alternates

Skip Martin - Webster County ED

LeeAnn Waltzing - Wright County Cities

Vicky Boyington - Wright County ED

Bob Hudson - Hamilton County Cities

Merle Chamberlain - Calhoun County Cities

Darrell Rusher -Humboldt County Cities

2. Motion by Young second by Magnusson to approve the agenda. Ayes All - Motion Carried.

3. Motion by Triggs, second by DeWolf to approve the minutes of the August 21st meeting. Ayes All - Motion Carried.

4. Helgevold reported from the Planning Committee:

¨ Motion by Young, second by Howard to provide comments of no apparent duplication to the following intergovernmental reviews. Ayes All - Motion Carried.

022 - City of Webster City - RISE grant for $314,902 to pave an industrial park road; and

023 - Lohrville Fire Department for a $53,200 USDA grant/loan to purchase a fire vehicle.

¨ Motion by Hood, second by Young to authorize a technical assistance contract with the City of Webster City for CDBG administration in an amount of $12,000. Ayes All - Motion Carried.

¨ Motion by Hood, second by Bowman adopt the following Resolution. Ayes All - Motion Carried.


Whereas, The MIDAS Council of Governments was organized in part to provide planning capabilities for cities and counties within Region V; and,

Whereas, the MIDAS Council of Governments has identified, in conjunction with member counties and cities, various planning and economic needs concerning economic development as outlined in the EDA-RLF Plan; and,

Whereas, the MIDAS Council of Governments has identified a certain standard for their portfolio.

Now, Therefore, be it Resolved That, the MIDAS Council of Government Executive Committee hereby certified that the EDA-RLF Plan is consistent with the support the area's current economic adjustment strategy.

Be it Further Resolved That, the EDA-RLF is being operated in accordance with the policies and procedures contained in the EDA-RLF Plan and the EDA-RLF portfolio meets the standards contained therein.

5. Weldon presented the Transit Committee report.

¨ Motion by Magnusson, second by Howard to authorize an application to IDOT for Section 18I funds to purchase an intercity type bus to primarily operate on the Fort Dodge to Williams intercity route. The approximate grant amount is $130,000 with Jefferson Bus Lines providing the local match. Ayes All - Motion Carried.

¨ Weldon announced that a 24th birthday celebration will be held for DART on November 4th and all Executive Committee members are invited to help serve food at the central transfer point at 9th and Central in Fort Dodge.

¨ Weldon announced that two new buses (DART and RTA-Webster County service vehicle) have arrived and will be placed in service shortly. Three other vehicles (2 DART and 1 RTA) will be bid in Carroll on October 9th.

6. Hoesel presented the report of the Administration and Budget Committee:

¨ Motion by DeWolf, second by Magnusson to accept and place on file for Audit the August financial report including Sections 01/02/03/04 checks 17482 to 17672, Section 05 check 1070 and Section 06 check 1063. Ayes All - Motion Carried.

¨ Motion by Bowman, second by Thomas to adopt the proposed revision to Section 7 (Drug and Alcohol Testing Program) of the MIDAS Personnel Policies. The narrative has been revised to meet IDOT/FTA requirements and does not take or offer employees any benefits of significance. Ayes All - Motion Carried.

7. Other items discussed were:

¨ Harlan Hansen provided input on the proposed confinement siting matrix he assisted in developing for DNR. Harlan is also a candidate for a position on the DNR Commission and would appreciate support.

¨ HIPPA was discussed and consensus was that a regional meeting may be appropriate.

¨ The status of U.S. 20 was discussed in detail given recent political publicity provided for it.

8. Motion by Bergman, second by Hood to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 P.M. Ayes all - Motion Carried.

Respectfully submitted for Secretary David Young by staff member Stephen F. Hoesel