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Passenger Transportation Plan Public Input Meeting

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MIDAS Technical Assistance

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Calhoun County:
  • Farnhamville – Provided administration for CDBG Housing Rehab Program.
  • Lake City - Provided City Administrator with information on trails funding.
  • Lohrville – Provided administration for CDBG Housing Rehab Program.
  • Pomeroy – Provided administration for CDBG Wastewater Program.
  • Somers - Worked on USDA Community Facilities Application.
Hamilton County:
  • County:  Working on Multi-Jurisdication Hazard Mitigation Plan application
  • Ellsworth – Developing Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Provided administration for CDBG Water Program.
  • Kamrar - Set up 1st Hazard Mitigation meeting to begin working on the plan.
  • Webster City - Contacted on starting Hazard Mitigation Plan. Contacted on starting Hazard Mitigation Plan. Provided Webster City Schools with NOI for HMPG Project Application for Safe Rooms.
Humboldt County:
  • County:  Met with Supervisors to discuss Hazard Mitigation Plan Application. Attended two RIVER group meetings.
  • Gilmore City - Assisted City on GIS related issues.
  • Humboldt – Continued working on Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • Livermore –  Provided administration for CDBG Housing Rehab Program. Working with City on Jump Start Infrastructure funding application for wastewater project. Provided GIS assistance.
  • Renwick – Provided administration for CDBG Water Program.
Pocahontas County:
  • County - Working on PCEDC Housing Seminar.
  • Havelock - Attended City Council meeting.
  • Palmer – Provided administration for CDBG Sewer Program.
  • Rolfe – Provided administration for CDBG Housing Rehab Program.
  • Plover - Attended City Council meeting
Webster County:
  • County – Hosted Governmental Services Sharing and Coordination meeting. Attended WCEDC annual meeting. Met with Supervisors to discuss applying for Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation funding. Provided administration for CDBG Community Facilities (ICI)Program. Attended Webster County Soil Survey kick-off meeting.
  • Callender - Discuss clerk responsibilities with City Council member.
  • Dayton – Provided administration for CDBG Water Program. Provided administration for CDBG Housing Rehab Program.
  • DuncombeResearching funding opportunities for pumper for Fire Department. Answered FSLA question. 
  • Fort Dodge – Worked on Planning Application. Assisted leadership Fort Dodge program.
  • Knierim - Provided GIS assistance.
  • Lehigh - Provided City with preliminary forms for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plans.
  • Otho – Continued working on Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • Vincent - Attended City Council meeting.
Wright County:
  • Belmond – Assisted businesses with preparation of Disaster Recovery Plans. Continued working on Hazard Mitigation Plan. Provided administration for CDBG Housing Rehab Program.
  • Eagle Grove – Continued working on Hazard Mitigation Plan. Working on SRF application for wasterwater project. Attended City Council meeting. Presented to City Council on MIDAS GIS program.
  • Goldfield - Attended City Council meeting.Working on personel policies and job descriptions for the City.
Regional Benefit:
  • Traveled to Washington, D.C. to discuss local issues and projects with elected representatives.
  • Attended FEMA Safe Rooms Workshop.
  • Attended PA training for 106 Process for Jump Start Housing program.
  • Attended Public Hearing on Highway 169.
  • Conducted Public Hearing on Highway Stimulus funds.
  • Worked with MIGP on mapping application.
  • Work with Region V SAFETEA-LU TAC to identify highway stimulus funding.
  • Attended training for Low Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance Inspections, conducted by the Iowa Finance Authority.

MIDAS Executive Committee Meeting of February 18, 2009

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Chairperson Sweedler called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.

A quorum consisted of: Sweedler, Watne, Singer, Hansen, Meeder, Bowman, Donahoo, DeWolf, Jacobs, Larson, Treibel, Vermeer, Triggs, Besch, Kramer, Bergman, Young, Sandholm, and Foster.

Motion by Bergman, second by Watne to approve the agenda. Ayes, all.

Motion by Watne, second by DeWolf to approve December and January minutes. Ayes, all.

Motion by Bowman, second by Watne, to accept Star Energy fuel contract for $2.20 per gallon for diesel for the period 1 March through 31 August 2009. Ayes, all..

Motion by Sandholm, second by Young, to accept the transfer of property from the City of Webster City to build a transit facility., with MIDAS paying legal costs associated with the transfer. Ayes, all.

Motion by Triggs, second by Watne, to approve the contract for technical assistance with the City of Lohrville for a Community Development Block Grant Program. Ayes, all.

Motion by DeWolf, second by Hansen, to approve the amended Transportation Planning Work Plan.. Ayes, all.

Motion by Bergman., second by Bowman, to approve Amendment 1 to the Planning Joint Participation Agreement 09RPA-05. Ayes, all.

Motion by Young, second by Jacobs, to approve the revised Transportation Improvement Plan if there is no “significant” opposition at the 25 February Public Hearing.. Ayes, all.

Motion by Bowman, second by Watne to accept the January Financials and place them on file. Ayes, all.

Motion by Hansen, second by Singer, to adopt the Associate Member policy. Ayes, all.

Motion by Watne, second by Young, to approve a 90 day deferment of the CodeX RLF payments contingent upon receiving a upgraded collateral, and to make a loan to Accents on Main for $1,500 contingent upon receiving an appraisal of the equipment being purchased, a favorable credit report, and a current balance sheet. Ayes, all.

Motion by Watne, second by Meeder, to accept a mortgage loan from First American Bank for $104,169.65 at 4% interest for five years, and to extend the $50,000 line of credit agreement until 1 March 2010. Ayes, all.

Motion to adjourn by Bowman, second by DeWolf. Ayes, all.

Respectfully submitted for Secretary Dennis Bowman by staff member Clifford Weldon.

Cliff's Notes

posted Sep 18, 2009, 1:47 PM by MIDAS COG   [ updated Sep 18, 2009, 1:57 PM by ]

I want to welcome two new board members to MIDAS. They are Webster County Supervisor Bob Singer and Pocahontas City Manager Bob Donahoo. MIDAS has been very fortunate to have had a history of active, visionary board members, and I am confident that these new members will continue that tradition. MIDAS Board members spend on average four hours a month at MIDAS meetings, not including travel time. Their time commitment is sincerely appreciated.

We expect to hear any day from EDA that our request for a $250,000 Business Revolving Loan Fund recapitalization has been approved. We need to make a concerted effort now to spread the word to economic developers, bankers, potential applicants, and others that these funds are available. MIDAS has brochures that describe the uses and application process for the business (and the housing) RLF. We also have information and downloadable and fillable applications on our web site. Please help us get the word out!

Finally, I’d like to give a short update on last month’s trip to D.C. This trip was not like the others I have made because all of the Congressional delegations were focused on one thing – the Stimulus Bill. We were told that any funding requests this year would have to be addressed by seeking funds from the stimulus bill, including any Highway projects. This led to an even greater interest in the way MIDAS has adopted to distribute Federal Highway funds that come to our region. If you have an interest in this process, I encourage you to meet with your local Transportation Advisory Committee member. In each case, the County representatives are the respective County Engineers, with the Cities of Fort Dodge and Webster City also having appointed representatives. These gentlemen (yes, they are all males) can walk you through the process and explain how your projects can be considered for future funding.

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