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Iowans for Post Office Services (IPOS)

We are a group of Mayors and Community leaders working together to help preserve our Post Office Services.  An increasing number of Post Offices are being studied for closure and consolidation.  We are not a group formed to just fight the U.S. Postal Service, rather to help save it.  We want the USPS to continue to provide adequate, effective, efficient service to all communities, including rural communities.  The Post Offices being targeted for closure in Iowa are primarily in rural communities.  Unlike large cities, rural communities face great hardship with the closing of their Post Offices.  We do not have the luxury of going to another retailer that sells stamps or accepts packages. The situation has a serious and negative impact on our towns.  For instance, loss of Post Offices in rural Iowa creates very serious economic development issues.  A town without a Post Office will find it extremely difficult to attract new businesses.  Further, not having a post office creates a real hardship on the existing businesses.  A mail carrier can only take packages up to 13oz.  Most businesses mail packages larger than that every day.  These businesses would have to take the time and expense of taking their packages to a “real” Post Office in a neighboring community.  It is also a hardship on senior citizens.  These older citizens receive medications in the mail, and their primary connection to the outside world is through mail they send and receive.  It would be difficult for them to get their mail from a cluster box, blocks away from their home and dangerous for their medications to sit in a box outside in extreme weather until they can get to them. This could also be dangerous for the senior citizen, particularly during the winter when there is ice and snow build-up around the boxes.

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Donny Hobbs, Mayor of Lohrville; IPOS director 712-210-3565


  • 9/18/2012 -  The USPS has started work on their "POSTplan" to reduce hours (and locations) through out the US.  This initiative is much more widespread.  You will probably get something in the mail from a Postmaster organization with more information on what is coming. Here is a run down.

    The USPS will send surveys to all customers in the community asking their preference for service.  These surveys are incredibly important.  If you want to keep the office open then you need 60% of the surveys returned with
    the box checked next to "keep my office open with realigned weekday window service hours."  They will have 14 days to return the survey.

    40-44 days after the surveys are mailed there will be another community meeting.  Many have been scheduled already but when you receive notice you should request a new time and place if it is not a convenient time.  Send
    that request to the person who scheduled the meeting and/or to the district office.  The meeting is even more of a formality then the other ones were. They will give the results of the survey at the meeting and some sort of a

    7 days after the meeting, a posting will be made explaining the change in hours. That posting will remain up for 30 days before the hours go into effect.  This is again a matter that should be brought to the attention of our U.S. Representatives and Senators.
  • 5/9/2012 - Today the USPS proposed to keep rural Post Offices open and reduce hours for those offices instead.  This will be put before the PRC for an advisory opinion before moving forward with this new plan.  They say that after the advisory opinion is given they will meet with communities to establish new hours or services for their community.  More information from the USPS can be found with their press release:  See the document here with the list of Iowa post offices and the proposed new hours for each.
  • 1/13/2012 - The office of the Inspector General (OIG), who is charged with maintaining the integrity and accountability of the Postal Service, is asking for public input regarding the RAOI post office closings.  The OIG already issued one report on the process to close offices starting in July 2011, it found problems with the process at that time.  Now they are asking for our input and information.  Post comments and read more about the RAOI audit at:

     There is also an area where they would like comments about Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO).  Many of you are being effected by that initiative as well.  Post comments and read more about the DUO initiative at:

    Donny Hobbs, Mayor of Lohrville managed to get a short phone call with Senator Grassley to communicate to him the need for good Postal law reform to keep our Postal system moving forward providing such important services to us all. 
  • 12/28/2011 - The PRC has issued their advisory opinion on Docket N2011-1 regarding the closing of 3,652 Post Office's nationwide.  it is their unanimous opinion that this initiative is not the right approach to improve the Postal System.  "The primary Commission finding is that notwithstanding its name, the Retail Access Optimization Initiative is not designed to optimize the retail network."  The press release can be found by clicking on this link.   A press release summarizing their opinion may be accessed by clicking this link.
  • 12/21/2011 - A Moratorium Notice has been sent to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) regarding the moratorium on closing Postal facilities until May 15th.  Some closures may still take place and the discontinuances process will also continue.  Communities should stay active in working with the USPS and appeals processes to keep their facilities open.  To view the status of the moratorium click on this link.
  • The PRC is in the process of hearing a case for an advisory opinion regarding the closing of 3,650 Post Offices.  They are requesting public comment on the matter and documents/testimony in the case.  This is a letter submitted by Donny Hobs to the PRC.  Individual community names were not listed because it was not sent to communities ahead of time.  Communities are welcome to provide their own comments.  To view the letter, click on this link.
  • 07/29/2011 - Donny Hobbs, IPOS Director, and Governor Branstad sent a letter to the Postmaster General making the case for rural Iowa post offices.  The letter can be read by following this link.

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