A comprehensive plan establishes goals and objectives relating to economic development, housing, public facilities, recreation, and other crucial planning elements for a municipality. Existing land uses and future land uses of a municipality are both critical components of a comprehensive plan. Comprehensive plans serve as a guide for decision makers when they consider land use decisions that can impact a community/county in the future. 

The idea of 'Smart Planning' is becoming increasingly popular in today's comprehensive planning efforts; thus, MIDAS Staff uses the '13 Elements of a Comprehensive Plan' from Iowa Smart Planning Law in our comprehensive planning processes. The whole idea of smart planning here in Iowa is a holistic approach in which all facets of a community are taken into account when planning for future land use decisions so that a community's natural resources are considered. 

To view recent comprehensive plans composed by MIDAS, which all utilize Iowa Smart Planning Law, click on the documents, below. If you you like more information regarding the comprehensive planning process, please contact MIDAS Staff at 

MIDAS' Recently-Created Comprehensive Plans:
2014 Eagle Grove Comprehensive Plan - Still in beginning stages of plan.


Example Land Use Maps: